The mythical R8 Cappuchino; Loch Ness Monster or the real deal? / by Gavin Higgins

Let's face it, Ballito isn't the cheapest place to live on Earth. It's the price we pay for calling one of the most amazing places in South Africa home, but one thing we all love are little places, deals and gems that save us a few bucks here and there whilst still letting us live the good life.

One such gem is headed by Jack Abrahams and based in the Ballito Village. As you walk into the Village Spar you will be greeted by Jack, often whipping up some cinnamon-sprinkled pancakes or deliciously fresh vetkoeks oozing mince, and of course his big fancy coffee machine. He has this machine sussed and can pour you the most delicious Lavazza cappuccino without a pause in the conversation you will inevitably end up having with him about the latest hot topics in Ballito. 

The really amazing part of this story is that the 250ml version costs just R8! That's a third of the price you would pay in most coffee shops. There are equally good deals to be had on Espressos, Latte's and all manner of tasty treats.

If you want to laze around enjoying free wifi with some Cafe Del Mar in the background then you will want to visit a coffee shop, but if you want a fast and delicious caffeine fix and exceptional value for money, pop past and Jack will sort you out in a flash.

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Buen Provecho!